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The coalition advances the Green New Deal mandate through four main avenues:


Highlight: Climate Strike

Alongside local youth and students, coalition members marched on Parliament during the global strike for climate. We organized two busloads of people to participate in the strike. Coalition members also supported youth during Fridays for Future, the Future is Rising, and climate strikes.

Global climate strike

We hand-delivered the 2018 IPPC Report to Will Amos’s constituency office (part of a national campaign)

Reject Teck Mine

On February 11, 2020 the coalition organized a protest outside the Chelsea office of Will Amos, our Pontiac Member of Parliament, who ran on a platform of environmental protection for his 2019 re-election. The protesters demanded that the Federal Government reject the Tech Mine Project and delivered a community petition addressing this demand.

 This action was supported by an editorial in the Low Down written by Vagner Castilho. 

Indigenous Solidarity

The Coalition and the La Pêche Women’s March Network delivered a letter to Pontiac MP Will Amos calling for a stop to the Trans Mountain Pipeline and the LNG Canada and Coastal GasLink Pipeline on June 12, 2019. They delivered the letter along with a copy of a Pact for the Green New Deal in Canada in the lead up to PM Justin Trudeau’s decision on the Trans Mountain Pipeline on June 18 and the B.C. Supreme Court case on injunction involving the Wet’suwet’en Nation. This was an action in solidarity with the Tiny House Warriors, the Unist’ot’en and Wet’suwet’en Nation, and communities that will be impacted by these fossil fuel projects.

The Coalition organized and delivered supplies and food to the Algonquins of Barrière Lake in the fall of 2020. The ABL set up peaceful camps and blockades to enforce a moratorium on sport hunting of moose on their territory at La Vérendrye Wildlife Reserve from September 13 to October 12, 2020.


Highlight: Climate Café

The coalition hosts Climate Cafe/Tea @Le Greenroom : an opportunity to share what’s on your heart when it comes to climate change.

Writing in the newspaper

The coalition educates and spreads awareness of local actions through the Low Down, our award-winning community newspaper of record. Click here for a full list of our published work [coming soon].

Hosting a monthly education series and forums for conversation on topics related to climate justice and a just recovery


On December 12, 2019 we hosted “Rural Routes to Climate Solutions” in the Wakefield Library. The event explored climate solutions for food growers that build resiliency against droughts and floods, improve soil fertility and protect biodiversity. The event was moderated by Emma Lui from the coalition and speakers included: Derek Leahy (Rural Routes to Climate Solutions) and Clementine Mattesco( P3 Permaculture). There were more than 80 people who attended with representation from several of our local food growers.

This action was supported by an editorial in the Low Down written by Jess Weatherhead and Emma Lui.

We facilitated a follow-up conversation with local farmers and environmentalists at the Wakefield Public Library in partnership with Jess Weatherhead, co-owner and manager of Roots & Shoots Farm and Stuart Oke, youth president of the National Farmers Union and co-owner and manger of Rooted Oak Farm. The discussion centered on the impact of the climate crisis on local farmers and on sharing new agricultural practices to mitigate the climate crisis.

In attendance were farmers, environmentalists, and community members representing over twenty local farms. The event has since been followed up with a municipal farmers’ coalition.


On January 30, 2020, the coalition hosted “Climate Solutions: Build Better Buildings” at the Wakefield Community Center. Speakers Aaron Thornell (Co-Energy) and Andrew Ryan (La Peche resident and local builder) spoke on the issues of energy audits, emission reduction in housing, affordable housing and gentrification in our municipality, and housing co-operatives. The event was attended by over sixty community members, including several local builders. PowerPoint copies of the presentations can be found here [coming soon].

Water protection

Held on World Water Day, the coalition partnered with Friends of the Gatineau (FOG) to educate the community on water͎ – lake – wetland issues and within our watershed. Though originally scheduled to be held at the Wakefield Public Library, the event was moved online in response to the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the transition to virtual, the event was well-attended by over sixty community members. The panelists were Elizabeth Logue (Ottawa River Protector), Michèle Labelle (biologiste, ABVdes7), Rita Jain (president Friends of the Gatineau), Emma Lui (water protector with the Council of Canadians), and Guillaume Lamoureux (mayor of La Pêche). As a result of the discussion, The Water Protectors’ Coalition des Collines was formed to unify protection, education, and organizing efforts within the watershed.


Highlight: Outaouais ZéN

The Coalition is a co-founder, with Action Climat Outaouais of Outaouais ZéN “Zéro Emissions Nettes” (net-zero emission) Communities. This initiative is part of the Quebec wide Common Front for Energy Transition, which aims to accelerate a just socio-ecological transition.

Climate justice connections

The coalition seeks to work closely with and foster connections between local organizations doing climate justice work, thus creating a united front within La Pêche to move ahead with the unprecedented force and urgency that the climate crisis demands.

Outaouais ZéN

ZéN stands for “Zéro émissions nettes” (net-zero) and reflects the Roadmap for a just transition developed by the Common Front for Energy Transition. The Common Front was created in 2015, and the result of a historic alliance between citizen groups, environmental NGOs and other civil society organizations, in particular unions and community organizations. It unites the forces of 90 groups to accelerate the implementation of an energy transition that promotes social justice. To do this, it relies on collaboration, consultation and respect for the diversity, freedom and autonomy of each of its members.

To  find out more or join the Outaouais ZeN Communities, email Ahamada Touré at


Friends of the Gatineau is a non-profit, volunteer-based organization whose mandate is to inspire the community to work together to protect and improve the Gatineau River for future generations by monitoring, advocating, educating and celebrating.

Water Protectors’ Coalition des Collines

This coalition was formed from the 2020 World Water Day event.

Agence de Bassin Versant des 7 (ABVd7)

This non-profit organization was founded (under a different name) in 2004. They are mandated to help manage seven local watersheds, which together cover a large territory of over 40,000 km2 and includes the La Pêche municipality.

Wakefield Together

A community coalition fostering partnerships and vision for a sustainable future. LPCNGD was a founding member.


Highlight: Declaring a Climate Emergency

We petitioned the municipality of La Pêche with over 500 signatures to join other municipalities in declaring a climate crisis.  In December 2019, La Pêche Municipal Council declared a climate emergency, recognizing the urgency of the present moment and committing to make all municipal decisions within the framework of the crisis.  The municipality created the Green Fund for sustainable development and environmental protection and to support this declaration.

Supporting the La Pêche Municipality

Implementing Partners in Climate Protection

We support municipal capacity to take climate action, such as working with them to implement the Partners in Climate Protection program from the Federation of Canadian Municipalities. The program seeks to identify and reduce municipal CO2 emissions

Creating, approving, and implementing a made-in-La-Pêche Green New Deal 

We are in ongoing talks with the mayor and councillors to implement a made-in-La-Pêche Green New Deal resolution. Our members regularly attend council meetings.

Pressuring the provincial and federal governments to act

Delivering IPCC report to Will Amos

At a provincial level our coalition organized the community to sign and deliver 

Lobbying federal government

Days on the hill with CAN-RAC